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Chisell jaw exerciser company lies and misleads

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I just tried to order a Chisell jaw exerciser, in the check-out process I got the message that I was the 50.000th customer and that because of this I could get a Chisell for free and only pay shipping.

1. I thought I was getting 1 ‘free’ shipping costs only Chisell, but money was charged for the other Chisell as well, so I paid for 2 even though I don’t want 2 Chisells.
2. When afterwards I went through part of the check-out process again just to see if I would get the 50.000th customer message again…there it was. So they tell everyone that they’re the 50.000th customer to make more money on a second Chisell.

They lie, they mislead, I don’t want a single dollar of my money to go to them knowing this. 

PS: They also supposedly have 23,516 (!) reviews averaging at 5 stars (impossible) even though you can't place a review on the website and they only show 3 positive reviews, which make them not reviews, but testimonials.
They also seem to always have a discount which they say will end soon ('save ..% Today') and they seem to always have low stock 'Sell out risk HIGH!'. So sketchy, unethical...

Posted : 14/01/2023 8:11 am
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